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Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

Annual Flight

Bonus –
Company wide

Employees are entitled to one return economy flight home per year up to a maximum of AED4000 (after 1 year of service, Please speak to HR for further details.

Please note that all employees are eligible to receive a bonus however, bonuses are dependent on Company performance and financial position. Bonuses are paid at the sole discretion of the company.

Employee Assistance
Programme (EAP)

End of Service Gratuity (EoSG)

This is a benefit available to all staff, it offers confidential information, guidance and support on a wide variety of issues relating to health, Family, Work, Money, debt management and
consumer rights. The services are offered in English by phone, face to face counselling and life management support. EAP is provided and managed through HR. This service is completely confidential and free to employees.

Upon termination of contract, you will be entitled to an EoSG if you have had continuous service within the UAE with Cellvera of at least one year.If you require further information on EoSG please contact HR.

Eye Test

Grievance Policy

When you regularly use a PC/Laptop it is important to have your eyes tested on a regular basis. The Company will contribute up to AED 100 towards an eye test on a bi-yearly basis for all employees (Subject to passing probation). If you require glasses for VDU use, we will also contribute AED 250
towards this.

Cellvera takes their staff wellbeing seriously and therefore offer all employees a complimentary 6 months Gym membership to TK MMA. For further details please contact HR.


Maternity Leave

Paternity Leave

Private medical insurance

The holiday year runs from 1 Jan – 31 December. Full time
Employees are entitled to 25days annual leave per year. You must take all holiday by the end of the year.

All pregnant employees may take reasonable paid time off to attend antenatal appointments. For female employees with at least 12 months service you will be entitled to enhanced leave and permitted to take 12 months maternity leave. The Maternity offering is as follows;
• The first 2 months at full (100%) pay,
• The third and fourth months at half (50%) pay
• The fifth and sixth months at a quarter (25%) pay.
• The remainder of the year is to be taken without pay

Employees who have 12 months service before the expected date of childbirth are entitled to 2 weeks paternity at full (100%) pay. Those with less the 12months service will be entitled to 1week at full (100%) pay.

Private medical insurance will be provided to all employees
through the Company’s chosen provider.

Sickness absence & pay

Travel Insurance

For any sick leave, please inform your Line Manager as soon as
possible. For any leave that exceeds three working days, you should provide the Company with a Doctor’s note. On your return to work, your manager will discuss your fitness to return.
Sick Leave pay will be treated in line with UAE Labour law.

You are covered by the Company’s travel insurance policy whilst travelling on the Company’s business



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