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We enable the acceleration of life science research
and development in the pursuit of improved human health

Global Response Aid (GRA)

GRA PREPAiRE aims to provide reliable early warning on potential pandemics, but more importantly, to provide governments, health care professionals and business with the tools to predict, and understand the characteristics of the threat and the forecast consequences on the demand of PPE, medical devices and drugs, in order to allow the supply chain to react in time and avoid shortages or indiscriminate spikes in prices as it happened during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Threats that from 2009 till 2019 collected and identified 140,000 biological samples from potential new viruses and bacteria reservoir in animals, including bats and other mammals. 

We are now forming the PREPAiRE Alliance, a group of leading scientists, AI Researchers, local and global health specialists and authorities and key response partners at global level. The aim of PREPAiRE Alliance is to join forces to further develop and improve the PREPAiRE platform achieving the goal of achieving better threat identification and  epidemiology predictions while strengthening the forecast of the needed drugs, tools and responses from the supply chain of pharmaceutical and medical devices manufacturers.
We would be honored if G42 were willing to join the PREPAiRE Alliance, bringing your invaluable experience in this common goal of avoiding another, and potentially more disastrous, pandemic like the COVID-19, or at least be prepared for a quick and effective response. 
We all know that if COVID were to be identified as a threat at the beginning, and if containment measures and appropriate drugs were to be used since the start, the outcome would have been different, and thousands of lives and trillions of dollars would have been spared and saved. 


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