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Bioimaging Data Scientist/Analyst

at Cellvera
Dubai, UAE

Position Description:

Cellvera is seeking an expert Bioimaging Data Scientist/Analyst to join our multidisciplinary team of macroscopics and computer analysts to become an integral part of our solution for Nematode signature detection training. This brand-new role has the potential to magnify the power of not only the microscopy and computing departments at AiPharma, but the entire industry domain.

At AiPharma we’re producing extensive, multi-terabyte microscopy data spanning modalities that range from time-lapse and super-resolution microscopy to cellular visualization. This role will take the lead in extracting the most value from these data, partnering with our discovery labs to extract key insights that will further our understanding of cellular signature detection. Our ideal candidate is someone who sees themselves as a pioneer in image analysis and thrives when given space to innovate. In addition to ample opportunities for ownership, this role will have the full support of a multidisciplinary team that includes engineers, physicists, biochemists, biologists, machine learning experts, software engineers, and data analysts.

Our team recognizes that there are many personal circumstances that benefit from flexibility in work arrangement, and we are supportive of flexible work arrangements for our employees.

Position responsibilities:

  • Analyzing complex 2D to 5D (sometimes multi-terabyte) datasets and extracting    information

  • Applying image analysis methods including image registration, segmentation, and tracking

  • Collaborating with scientists on experimental designs to best position downstream analyses

  • Staying up-to-date on cutting-edge technology and developing new analysis methods based on demand

  • Empowering and coaching fellow scientists on their own image analyses needs

Position requirements: 

  • Ph.D. in microscopy, computer science, mathematics, biology, or related discipline. Ph.D. can be waived if the candidate demonstrates exceptional knowledge and experience

  • Values scientific discovery and has an unquenchable curiosity

  • Basic biology background sufficient to guide and inform analysis approaches

  • Able to work in a dynamic environment, focusing on one project one week and another the next, depending on need and potential impact

  • Knows when to apply off-the-shelf solutions versus develop cutting-edge methods

  • Strong skill set in Python including libraries such as: Numpy, SciPy, scikit-image

  • Successful track record building algorithms and pipelines for image processing and analysis of 2D-5D fluorescence microscopy data

  • Expert knowledge of analysis software and available tools including ImageJ/Fiji and CellProfiler

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